Linear B to Greek: tu-ka-na to tu-wo

· Linear B Lexicon


LinB words
tu-ka-na | tu-we-a | tu-wo |

Greek words
θυία | θύος | θύω | τύγχανε | τυκάνη |

tu-ka-na | τύγχανε (tunkhane) | is hitting
tu-ka-na | τυκάνη (tukane) | an instrument for thrashing (threshing)
Knossos Ap 639, 5864 (Scribe 103) IPN
tu-ka-na is a feminine name, which may refer to a thresher.

tu-we-a | θυία (tuia) | odorous cedar, Juniperus foetidissima
PY Un 267 (Scribe 1)
θυία is fragrant cedar used as an incense or in animal sacrifices. The Homeric θύον (tuon) is believed to refer to this tree. See tu-wo.

tu-wo | θύο(ς) (tuos) | burnt sacrifice
tu-wo | θύω (tuo) | to be inspired; to sacrifice
PY Un 219+ (Scribe 15)
See tu-we-a.


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  1. Dardan Leka: Independant Scholar, Sanskrit and Indo-European (IE) Languages.

    tu-ka-na “an instrument for thrashing (threshing)”
    Alb. tupana (Indo-Scyth. root tuka, tukanja).
    Alb. tupana(t) and Fr. tambour “a drum”.

    • tupana is interesting as an apparent cognate of τύγχανε tunkhane or tynkhane “is hitting”. Cf. tympani “a kettledrum”. Nevertheless, I maintain that tu-ka-na is a thresher rather than a drummer.

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