Linear B to Greek: u-do-ro

· Linear B Lexicon

u-do-ro | ὕδωρ (hudor or hydor) | water
PY Tn 996 (Scribe Cii)
u-do-ro may also be found in the water-related prefix, ύδρο- (hudro or hydro-) and in ὕδρος (hudros or hydros) “water serpent”, which is found in the myth of the many-headed Hydra.  Cf. ὑγρός (hugros or hygros) “fluid, moist, wet”.  On PY Tn 996, u-do-ro *212 VAS “water” is followed by pi-a2-ra *219VAS, perhaps “olive oil”.


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  1. Dardan Leka: Independant Scholar, Sanskrit and Indo-European (IE) Languages.

    If u-do-ro is stored in the context of olives, Gr. hudor may be compared with Alb. hudra “garlic”, because it has a strong “udoro” [odor].

    • It’s true that garlic is often paired with olives in Mediterranean cuisine. I’m also impressed with the association between water and odor, as they pertain to vapor. Nevertheless, I maintain that u-do-ro “water”, rather than “garlic”, is found in the storage context with pi-a2-ra “olive oil”.

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