Linear B to Greek: wa to wa-o

· Linear B Lexicon


*054 WA
/wa/ to /α/
The glide /w/ is dropped.


LinB words
wa | wa-ke-i-jo | wa-na-ka-te | wa-na-ka-te-ro | wa-o

Greek words
α privative | ἀχαιός | Ἀχαιός | ἄνακτες | ἀνακαθαίρωἄω |

wa | α | the following
wa | α | α (alpha) privative, which expresses lack
KN F 51 (Scribe 124d)
PY Wr 1480  (Scribe unknown)
If the latter definition is correct, /wa/ may act as a negation, so that wa  pa-ta-jo do-ka-ma reads α φατειό δόκημα (a-phateio dokema) “(an) unspeakable vision” [PY Wr 1480]; the article, “an”,  seems implied rather than expressed.  If the article is expressed, then “a speakable vision”.  However, the former seems more likely in light of popular expression.

wa-ke-i-jo | ἀχαιό(ς) achaios | needy, poor
wa-ke-i-jo | Ἀχαιό(ς) | an Achaean
KN Vc 177, 191 (Scribe 124s)
It appears that the Achaeans were so named for their poverty. See alternate a-ka-i-jo and we-ke-i-jo.

wa-na-ka-te | ἄνακτες (anaktes) | king, lord, master
KN Ga 675 (Scribe 135)
Pylos (Scribes 1, 2)
wa-na-ka-te is, perhaps, a backformation and reanalysis of wa-na-ka-te-ro that associates “royalty” and “purity”.  See also wa-na-ka</e/m>.

wa-na-ka-te-ro | ἀνακαθαίρω (anakathairo) | to clear out; to thoroughly cleanse, to purify
KN X 976+ (Scribe 224)
Pylos (Scribes 1, 24, 41)
THv Z 839
Cf. ἀνακάθαρσις prob. < ἀνα + κάθαρσις “purification”. Cf., also, wa-na-ka and wa-na-ka-te, which may be back formations that associate “royalty” and “purity”.

wa-o | ἄω (ao) | broken, damaged
PY Ta 716 (Scribe 2)

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