Linear B to Greek: wo-de-wi-jo to wo-do

· Linear B Lexicon


*040 WI
/wi/ to /ι/
The glide /w/ is dropped.

*042 WO
Initial /wo/ to /ο/
Final /wo/ to /ω/
The glide /w/ is dropped.


LinB words
wo-de-wi-jo | wo-di-jo | wo-do |

Greek words
ὁδαῖος | ὅδιος | ὁδός |

wo-de-wi-jo | ὁδαῖο(ς) | merchandise; that for which a merchant travels
Knossos (esp. KN V 280) (Scribe 138. “124”)
wo-de-wi-jo acts as a heading on KN V 280, a merchant’s inventory. Cf. o-da-a2 “travelling”.
See also wo-di-jo and wo-do.

wo-di-jo | ὅδιο(ς) | belonging to a journey or a way
Pylos (Scribes 2, 4, 41, Cii)
See also wo-de-wi-jo and wo-do.

wo-do | ὁδό(ς ) | a road, a way
KN Xd 284 (Scribe “124”)
See also wo-de-wi-jo and wo-di-jo.

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