Linear B to Greek: wo-na-si

· Linear B Lexicon


*042 WO
Initial /wo/ to /ο/
Final /wo/ to /ω/
The glide /w/ is dropped.


LinB words

Greek words
ὄνασις | ὤνησις

wo-na-si | ὄνασι(ς) (onasis) (Doric) | advantage, profit, purchase
wo-na-si | ὤνησι(ς) (onesis) | advantage, profit, purchase
KN Gv 683 (Scribe unknown)
Cf. Onassis (Ωνάση), the name of the wealthy, merchant family.


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  1. Dardan Leka: Independant Scholar, Sanskrit and Indo-European (IE) Languages.

    wo-(dé-)na-si is either “a water carrier” or “a jar for carrying water”.

    • Since the word clearly is wo-na-si, how do you justify the insertion of a consonant? Moreover, it’s unclear whether you agree or disagree with the universal consensus that LinB is Greek. If Greek, what is the transliterated word for wo-na-si? If not Greek, what is the language and the transliterated word for wo-na-si?

      Following is the complete text for KN Gv 863, which lacks the expected VAS determinative for “water carrier” or “water jar”:

      .1 ]q̣ạ-ra / jo-e-ke-to-qo , wo-na-si , ṣị[
      .2 ] we-je-we *174 420 su ARB 104̣[

      How might you translate this tablet so that your definition fits the context?

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