Linear B to Greek: za-ma-e-wi-ja to ze-u-ke-si

· Linear B Lexicon


LinB words
za-ma-e-wi-ja | za-we-te | ze-u-ke-si

Greek words
*ζέμα’αἶα | ζεῦξις | ζῆτα | ζητέω |

za-ma-e-wi-ja | *ζέμα’αἶα   (zama’aia) | *earth decoction (pigment)

  • za-ma | ζέμα (zema) | decoction, fermentation
  • e-wi-ja | αἶα | earth, land

Pylos (Scribe 2)

za-we-te | ζῆτα (zeta) | the Greek letter Z
za-we-te | ζητέ(ω) (zetew) | to inquire, to seek
KN Fh 5451+ (Scribe 141)
In context, za-we-te appears to mean “inquiry”. If the small letter /ζ/ is turned around, it resembles final sigma /ς/. If a dot is then placed under either letter, the resemblance to the question mark (?) becomes apparent.

ze-u-ke-si | ζεῦξις (zeuksis) | a fastening, a joining, a yoking
PY Ub 1318+ (Scribe 32)
ze-u-ke-si is likely the word from which ZE is derived. ZE appears as a complement to MO, which is likely derived from mo-ne-we. ZE and MO respectively denote pairs and singles: horses, oxen, wheels, and men.  Cf. ζεῦγος (zeugos) “a pair” to yoke.

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