The Decipherment of Linear B: KN V- 684

· Linear B Lexicon

KN V- 684

The Spoils (of War) Tablet

An inventory of the spoils of war
Scribe 140

.1 e-re-pa-to , ka-ra-ma-to  46
.2 ka-so , ke-ma-ta  8

  1. e-re-pa-toἀρείφατο(ς) (areipatos) | (1) slain in war, (2) slain by Ares
  2. e-re-pa-to | ἁρπα(σ)τό(ς) (arpastos) | carried away, caught; robbed
  3. ka-ra-ma-to | χρημάτω(ν) (khrematov) | money of, property of
  4. ka-so | χασο (khaso) | loss, waste
  5. ke-ma-ta | *καμήτα (khameta) | things on the ground; *detritus

.1 ἀρείφατο  χρημάτω  46
.1 ἁρπατό  χρημάτω  46

  • the property of slain warriors “carried away”: 46 items

.2 χασο *καμήτα  8

  • detritus (of war):  8 items

Notes:  ἁρπαστός appears to provide a collateral definition that supports the notion of looting; property can be carried away just as the souls of the dead can be transported (carried away) to Hades. I envision the scribe, or another person, roaming the battlefield to loot bodies and to gather χασο *καμήτα  “lost things on the ground” (detritus), such as weapons, armor, and personal items.

Richard Vallance has also posted a decipherment of KN V- 684 but has elected to use Rita Roberts’ decipherment rather than his own. Please take a moment to review Roberts’ decipherment, and then come back to vote. Note that the results of an earlier version of this poll have been deleted due to misdirected traffic for a different tablet number.

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