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HT 94 (HT Scribe 9)
HT We 1019 (HT Scribe unknown)

  • パタネ (patane) | Patane (unknown name)
  • カタネ (katane) | Catana, Katane
  • κατάνη (katane) | the skinning place
  • Κατάνη (Katane) | Catania, Sicily

[Catania, Sicily]

The surname, Patanè, is specific to Patané, a district of Acireale in the Sicilian province of Catana (Catania), which is situated on the Ionian Sea coast. (See also ja.qif.) Perhaps Κατάνη “the skinning place” is an Ionic adaptation of Patanè; not only is Sicily famous for its leather goods, but the highest concentration of tanners appears to be in modern Catania. While katáne is said to be a Sicilian word, it seems more likely that the Sicilian patanè experienced a phonetic shift when the province was Hellenized around 729 BCE, following the invasion by the Ionian-Greek colonists from adjacent Naxos [Sacks 2005:78]. This phonetic shift sometimes occurs between the Attic Π (pi) and the Ionic Κ (kappa), in words such as ποῖος / κοῖος “who?” and πῶς / κῶς “how?”.


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HT 123+124 (HT Scribe 6)
KH 6 (KH Scribe 2)

  • ピサ (pisa) | Pisa, Italy

Pisa, Italy

Olympias naval ram

Several Roman authors have mentioned Pisa in their works. Strabo states that Pisa was founded after the fall of Troy, sometime between the 14th and the 12th centuries BCE. The earliest date that any author gives for this event, whether factual or fictional, is 1334 BCE. However, Pisa’s founding likely occurred much earlier if the Minoans were frequenting this important maritime harbor, which, perhaps, was a source of Minoan ships. Pisa is credited with the invention of the naval ram, or rostrum, as featured on the front of the Olympias, which is a reconstruction of a Greek trireme.


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Entry added on 21 Dec 2011.

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