Linear B to Greek: e-u-da-i-ta to e-u-wa-ko-ro

· Linear B Lexicon


*038 E
/e/ to /α/
The morphology of *038 E, alternating with one and two horizontal bars, primarily suggests A (alpha); however, in diphthongs, such as e-u, /e/ shifts to /ε/(epsilon).


LinB words
e-u-da-i-ta | e-u-na-ta | e-u-na-wo | e-u-wa-ko-ro |

Greek words
εὔαγρος | † ευδαίτη | εὐνάω | εὐνήτης

e-u-da-i-ta | † ευδαίτη (eudaite) | † good feast

  • e-u | εὖ | good, well
  • da-i-ta | δαίτη (daite) | banquet, feast
  • da-i-ta | δαίτη(ς) (daites) | a priest who divides the victims or † the meat

KN Dl 47 (Scribe unknown)
e-u-da-i-ta is accompanied by a reference to 39 female sheep so could very well refer to a feast, especially if the preceding e-ke refers to ἔχε (ekhe)Moreover, I would revise the definition of δαίτης to mean “the priest who divides the meat”.

e-u-na-ta | εὐνήτη(ς) (eunetes) | a bedfellow, a husband
KN As 1520 (Scribe 105)
The Knossos Tablets [4th ed.] transcribes e-u-na-wo, but Scripta Minoa II clearly shows e-u-na-taCf. εὐνή (eune) “a bed, a couch; a resting or sleeping place”.  Consequently, in a ship context, e-u-na-ta may refer to a εὐναστήρ (eunaster) “anchor”.

e-u-na-wo | εὐνάω (eunao) | to lay in bed
Knossos (Scribes 104, 117, 134)
See also e-u-na-ta.

e-u-wa-ko-ro | εὔαγρο(ς) (euagros) | lucky in the chase, blessed with success
PY Jn 431+ (Scribe 2) (IPN)
e-u-wa-ko-ro appears to refer to a person who is blessed with hunting prowess. See parallel e-u-wa-ko-ro in LinC.

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