Linear B to Greek: ke-e to ke-ni-qa

· Linear B Lexicon


LinB words
ke-e | ke-e-pe | ke-ka-u-me-no[ | ke-ki | ke-ma-ta | ke-ni-qa |

Greek words
*καμήτα | κάννηκες | κεκαρμένος | κηκίς |  χαμάδα | χέε |

Latin words
caepa | caepe |

ke-e | χέε (khee) | to gush, to pour
Pylos (Scribes 4, 23)

ke-e-pe | L. caepa | onion
ke-e-pe | L. caepe | onion
MY Ge 604 (Scribe 58a)
= κάπια (kapia)

ke-ka-u-me-no[ | κεκαρμένο(ς) (kekarmenos) | has been burned; has been cut, *has been lost, has been wasted
PY Ta 641 (Scribe 2)
The shift from /u/ to /ρ/ can be explained by the tendency to roll the tongue when pronouncing open, back vowels such as /a/ or /u/. Cf. “warsh” for “wash”.  Due to the substitution of /ρ/ for /u/, L&S 2nd includes κεκαρμένος as the perf. passive of κείρω “to cut, to shear”.  However, L&S 7th overlooks κεκαρμένος but includes κέκαυμαι as the perf. passive of καίω “to burn”. Given the phonetic similarity of the roots and the /ρ/ parallel, it is likely that κείρω is an extended definition of καίω.
01.27.14 * 10.12.14

ke-ki | κηκί(ς) (kekis) | anything that flows or gushes
PY An 192+ (Scribe 22); Jn 692, 725+ (Scribe 2)
In context, this may refer to a spring.
Infl. χέε

ke-ma-ta | *καμήτα (kameta) | *detritus, litter

  • ke-ma-ta | χαμάδα (khamada) | windfall (mg)
  • ke-ma | χαμα(ί) (khamai) | on the ground
  • ke-ma | καμή (kame) | on the ground

KN V 684 (Scribe 140)
χαμάδα is a modern-Greek word. Adverbs include χαμάδις (khamadis) or χαμᾶζε (khamaze) | on the ground, to the ground.

ke-ni-qa | κάννηκε(ς) (kannēkes) | † a plaited, reed basket
KN Ws 8497 (Scribe unknown)
The definition for kannēkes may be found in Hesychius as πλέγματα ταρσῶν (plengmata tarson), from πλέγματος (plengmatos) “anything twisted” such as “plaited, wicker work” + ταρσός (tarsos) “a frame of wickerwork, a basket”.

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