Linear B to Greek: ma+re to ma-ro-ne

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LinB words
ma+re | ma-ro-ne |

Greek words
μᾶρον | μήρυ |

Japanese words (Kanji)

Japanese words (Katakana)
まる |

Japanese words (Romaji)
maru |

ma+re (B *145)
LANA | wool
ma+re | μήρυ (maru) | a fleece to be spun
ma+re | まる (maru)
ma+re | 〇 (maru) | circle
ma+re | 円 (maru) | circle
Knossos (Scribes 103, 111, 115, 117, 118, 119, 120, unknown)
MY Oe 111+ (Scribe 51
Due to its prominence on the sheep tablets (primarily the KN Dk and Dl series),  ligature B *145 is conventionally transcribed as LANA “wool”.  Moreover, B *145 and ma+ru (A *558-560) appear to be abbreviations of (A *562).  Cf. the derivative, (A *561) > μήρυμα (meruma) “that which is spun into thread”. Cf., also, μηρύομαι (meruomai) and Doric μᾱρύομαι (maruomai) “to wind off thread”.

ma-ro-ne | μᾶρον (maron) | sage, Teucrium marum
KN Fh 347+, 5246+ (Scribe 141)
ma-ro-ne was used in the production of essential oil.

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