Linear B to Greek: qe-ri-ta to qe-to-ro-we

· Linear B Lexicon

Note: AB *016, formerly PA2 or QA, is now transcribed as QPA. See Phonetic Key.


LinB words
qe-ri-ta | qe-to | qe-to-ro-we

Greek words
κατορος | χατος | χρίστης

qe-ri-ta | χρί(σ)τη(ς) (khristes) | a whitewasher
qe-ri-ta | χρί(σ)τη(ς) (khristes) | a stucco maker
PY Eb 900 (Scribe 41), Ep 613+ (Scribe 1) (IPN)
Jesus the Christ is the metaphorical whitewasher who “takes away the sin of the world” [John 1:29]. In context, qe-ri-ta appears to refer to a stucco maker. Cf. the Greek name, Christes. 

qe-to | χατο(ς) (khatos) | lack, loss, want
qe-to | χῆτο(ς) (khetos) | lack, loss, want
Mycenae (Scribe 60), Pylos (esp. PY Ta 641) (Scribe 2)

qe-to-ro-we |  †κατορο(ς) (katoros) | *four-year
Py Ta 641 (Scribe 2)
Appearing twice on the “tripod tablets”, qe-to-ro-we, according to scholars, means “four-eared” or “four-handled”, as it corresponds to the projections on vessels.  However, taking my cue from a-no-we > ἕνος (enos) “last-year’s”, I believe that these projections are annual markers rather than handles.  Nevertheless, I agree with scholars that qe-to-ro- pertains to four.   In ancient Greek, “four” was commonly written as τετρά in compounds, from τέτορα (tetora).   qe-to-r0-we > *κατορος (katoros), then, appears to demonstrate  classic Doric changes: κ for τ, α for ε, and ο for short α; hence, *κατορος for τέτορα(ς).  Obviously, while qe-to-ro-/ qe-to-ro-we  did not survive in common use as either a lexeme or a compound, its occurrence on PY Ta 641 may well imply a Doric provenance.

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