Linear B to Greek: ra-pi-ti-ri.ja to ra-to

· Linear B Lexicon


LinB words
ra-pi-ti-ri.ja | ra-pte | ra-pte-ri-ja | ra-qi-ti-ri.ja | ra-su-to | ra-to |

Greek words
ῥᾶιστον | ῥάϊστος | ῥαίστωρ | ῥήϊστος | ῥάκτρια | ῥάπτης | ῥάπτρια | ῥητός |

= ra-qi-ti-ri.ja
not ra-pte-ri-ja
PY Ab 555 (Scribe 21)
pu-ro ra-pi-ti-ra2 > prob.  πυρό(ς) ῥάπτρια (puros raptria) “threshed wheat”.

ra-pte | ῥάπτη(ς) (hraptes) | cobbler, tailor
Scribes 1, 43 (Pylos)
Masculine form of ῥάπτρι (see also ra-pte-ri-ja and re-po-to).

ra-pte-ri-ja | ῥάπτρια (hraptria) | cobbler, tailor
PY Sb 1315 (scribe 31)
Feminine form of ῥάπτης (see also ra-pte and re-po-to).

ra-qi-ti-ri.ja | ῥάκτρια (hraktria)| a pole for beating fruit trees
ra-qi-ti-ra2 | ῥάκτρια (hraktria)| a pole for beating fruit trees
PY Ab 356+ (Scribe 21)

ra-su-to | ῥᾶιστο(ν) (raiston) | dilatory, requiring delay, causing delay
ra-su-to | ῥάϊστο(ς) (raistos) (Doric) | easy, pleasant; the least painful
ra-su-to | ῥαίστω(ρ) (raistor) | one that accomplishes
ra-su-to | ῥήϊστο(ς) (reistos) (Epic, Ionic) | easy, pleasant; the least painful
Knossos (Scribes 117, 120, 207)
ta-na-po-so / ra-su-to > τανύπους / ῥήϊστο refers to overgrown hooves that “require delay” to be resolved in the least painful manner [KN Db 1198+].

ra-to | ῥητό(ς) (hratos) | specified, stated
Knossos (Scribes 117, “124”)
With one exception, ra-to is found on tablets that are inscribed by 117.  These tablets typically include personal names (?) as well as counts of male and female sheep.   Consequently, I believe that these are inventories according to the statements of the shepherds or the owners. Cf. ratify.

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